T.C.Harrison Group Company History

The T.C.Harrison business was established by Thomas ‘Cuth’ Harrison on 18th May 1931 at 17 Abbeydale Road, Sheffield and was known as T C Harrison Service and Repair. It was run by the 25 year old Cuth and a young helper, Henry Cadman.

After taking on additional staff to help out with repairs, Cuth decided to move into sales, and in 1932 employed the first company salesman who could and did sell virtually anything … even a horse and cart that was taken as a part exchange!

In 1936, after moving into new property on London Road in Sheffield, the company was appointed as a Ford main dealer for passenger and commercial vehicles … Cuth’s dream had come true. He had taken a small 2 manned repair shop and turned it into a very successful Ford dealer in just 5 years. The aim now was to consolidate and increase output for the future.

The secret of Cuth’s success was undoubtedly his unique ability to attract customers and to look after them so well that they never needed to shop for their vehicles elsewhere.


Since being founded in 1931, T.C.Harrison Group Limited has grown into one of the largest privately owned motor groups in the country and is still based on traditional family values. It has always been managed within the Harrison family, now coming into its fourth generation within the business.

The Harrison Family

Mr T C or ‘Cuth’ was Chairman of the company for 50 years until his death in 1981. Edward, his eldest son, took over the Chairman’s role for 10 years before handing over the responsibility to his brother John who held the position until his untimely death in 1998. Mike Muscroft took the reins for 14 years and since June 2012 the Chairmanship and CEO has been the responsibility of James Harrison, Cuth’s eldest grandson.

William and Jonathan Harrison, Cuth’s two other grandsons, also have specialised areas of responsibility within the Group and share the role of Joint Deputy Chairman.

Today the company is still run in line with the Harrison family values and ethos of Cuth, believing implicitly in total customer satisfaction.

TC Harrison Group company history